Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Haden Triplets Video

March 26 Playlist

artist - song (album)
Ennio Morricone - Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
neil young & international harvesters - are you ready for the country? (a treasure)
dean martin - rio bravo (best of)
blue rodeo - outskirts (outskirts)
Dope Soda - Strangers (Carbonation)
Dope Soda - Pirish (Carbonation)
elvis presley - polk salad annie (best of)
Lydia Loveless - To Love Somebody (Somewhere Else)
the haden triplets - single girl married girl (ST)
the haden triplets - voice from on high (ST)
lindi ortega - murder of crows (cigarettes & truckstops)
lindi ortega - cigarettes & truckstops (cigarettes & truckstops)
polyrhythmics - snake in the grass (libra stripes)
sleepy sun - the lane (maui tears)
nightmareboyzz - problem child (bad patterns)
The Lawrence Arms - You Are Here (Metropole)
quincy jones & bill cosby - hikky burr (the new mixes)
archery guild - doubling the seer (manitok)
archery guild - underground (manitok)
the skinny - keep turning blue (the skinny pill)
the skinny - working on a deadline (the skinny pill)
the skinny - bangin' (the skinny pill)
Speedy Ortiz - American Horror (Real Hair)
Speedy Ortiz - Oxygal (Real Hair)
jody glenham - between you and me (dreamer)
eden fine day - strangers (things get better)
the breeders - drivin' on 9 (pod)
boney m - bahama mama (best of)
dephazz - excursion en mer (natural fake)
pink martini - tempo perdido (hey eugene)
billie joe spears - fever (tarantino experience)

st = self-titled

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dum Dum Girls video

Mar. 19 Playlist

artist - song (album)
Ennio Morricone - Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
cowboy junkies - secret spy decoder ring (the kenndy suite)
blackie & rodeo kings - north (south)
Bette Graham - I Wanna Go Back (Sensational Bette Graham)
bette graham - fool on the hill (sensational bette graham)
soft serve - words (skin deep ep)
the haiduks - diamond drops (1968)
The Belle Comedians - Rosy (Charlotte)
Corey Isenor - Liquor & Love (Hollowbody)
josh martinez - devil's bargain (blotto)
Dum Dum Girls - Cult of Love (Too True)
dum dum girls - evil blooms (too true)
peggy suee - substitute (choir of echoes)
warpaint - keep it healthy (ST)
the autumn defence - this thing that I've found (fifth)
the higher state - need to shine (st)
the higher state - jagged words (st)
jody glenham - between you and me (dreamer)
the nautical miles - be embraced ye millions (ode to joy)
Eden Fine Day - Brian (Lucky) (Things Get Better)
christopher ford - steady at the wheel (heroes and heathens)
The Heavyweights Brass Band - Booze Hounds (Brasstronomical)
matt anderson - I lost my way (weightless)
tigerwing x barnaby bennett - aubade (xela)
livingston - takin' off my glasses tonight (artificially intelligent folk songs of canada)
elaquent - alone at last (green apples & oranges)
archery guild - savage youth (manitok)
rel mccoy - golden (golden)
the skinny - keep turning blue (the skinny pill)
Speedy Ortiz - American Horror (Real Hair)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - the birdman (jet sound inc.)
bevel emboss - arabic (celluloid)

ST = self-titled

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kool and The Gang


March 12-14 Playlist

artist - song (album)
Ennio Morricone - Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince - summertime (essential pop 1990s)
kool & the gang - summer madness (gold)
air - ce matin la (moon safari)
air - be a bee (love 2)
surfdusters - radar hill (save the waves)
surfdusters - el dementia (save the waves)
surfdusters - drive! (save the waves)
andria simone - change (good lovin')
andria simone - do what I want (good lovin')
blitzen trapper - love the way you walk away (american goldwing)
Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer (Furr)
block 16 - slow hot wind (the outernational sound)
Lindi Ortega - Waitin' On My Luck To Change (Tin Star)
neko case - night still comes (the worse things get...)
the brass action - the handyman (making waves)
blue rodeo - floating (outskirts)
Cowboy Junkies - Bullet For You (The Kennedy Suite)
deltron 3030 - pay the price (event 2)
deltron 3030 - the return (event 2)
atomic 7 - chock full o' notes (gowns by edith head)
atomic 7 - sexyactioncool (gowns by edith head)
the ramblin ambassadors - lungbucket (avanti)
the ramblin ambassadors - theme from the ramblin ambassadors (avanti)
brian setzer - the knife feels like justice (rip it up)
blackie and the rodeo kings - north (south)
blackie and the rodeo kings - south (south)
tower of dudes - dum (make your own culture)
the ramblin ambassadors - sixty seconds to what (avanti)
sonny and the sunsets - planet of women (tomorrow is alright)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beach Boys Video

March 5 Playlist

artist - song (album)
Ennio Morricone - Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
jacques dutronc - et moi et moi et moi (et moi et moi et moi)
antibalas - che che cole makossa (daptone gold)
stereo total - cinemania (do the bambi)
stereo total - barbe a papa (baby ouh!)
the surfdusters - surf buggy (save the waves)
The Surfdusters - Radar Hill (Save the Waves)
richard de bordeaux - la drogue (pop a paris disc 2)
renate kern - der wasserman (funky frauleins)
atomic 7 - 7 stranded castanets (gowns by edith head)
atomic 7 - you ain't having fun till your'e dialing 911 (gowns by edith head)
the awesomhots - whiskeytown (ST)
messer chups - fantomasophobia (crazy price)
lola dutronic - l'amour est bleue (everyone's a star)
Air - Alpha Beta Gaga (Talkie Walkie)
BA Johnston - bad cat sitter (mission accomplished)
BA johnston - Tim Hortons (mission accomplished)
the beach boys - don't worry baby (endless summer)
the shacklefords - aint it? babe (the shacklefords sing)
Andria Simone - Operator (Good Lovin')
andria simone - I'm in trouble (good lovin')
the courtneys - manion (ST)
house of david gang - best I can be (reggae warrior)
the bombay royale - jaan pehechan ho (bombay royale ep)
gotan project - desilusion (tango 3.0)
herbst in peking - german fools (king size dub ch 13)
western roots - rockers galore (babylon central)

ST = self-titled