Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Radiohead - Creep

Sept. 25 Playlist

artist - song (album)
Ennio Morricone - Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
Bob Marley RMX by Funkstar Deluxe - Rainbow Country (Keep on Moving)
butch cassidy sound system - the putney (babylon central)
bob marley & the wailers - concrete jungle (babylon by bus)
ones & zeros - life on video (ST)
drawn ship - breakup math (ghost weight)
neko case - wild things (the worse things get...)
the albertans - casa agua (dangerous anything)
we are the city - legs give out (violent)
The Fugitives - Bigger Than Luck (Bigger Than Luck)
axis of conversation - metamorphosis (the house of stay together)
semen priest - miss american cheez (s/t cassette)
talking heads - city of dreams (true stories)
johnny cash - city of new orleans (man in black, greatest hits)
the heavy blinkers - anna karina, I was wrong (health)
rae spoon - this used to be the bottom of an ocean (my prairie home)
the heavy blinkers - child of the radio (health)
pink martini - city of night (hey eugene)
october gold - song of the last prayer (bridge of the sun)
unwed mothers - on the run (ST)
desmond williams - comeback dub (ESL Modular Systems)
William Shatner - Common People (Has Been )
shed - tiki gods (screen life)
guadalcanal diary - country club gun (walking in the shadow of the big man)
steely dan - cousin dupree (the definite collection)
the shacklefords - one (the shacklefords sing)
davie allen and the arrows - cody's theme (cycle delic sounds)
los straitjackets - state fair (damas y caballeros)
radiohead - creep (pablo honey)

ST = self-titled
RMX = remixed

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bevel Emboss - Arabic

Sept 18 Playlist

artist - song (album)
Ennio Morricone - Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
neil young - psychedelic pill (Psychedelic Pill)
Neil Young - Ramada Inn (Psychedelic Pill)
jenn grant - I've got your fire (the beautiful wild)
whitehorse - peterbilt coalmine (the fate of the world depends on this kiss)
the beatdown - no man (walkin proud)
the beatdown - long road (walkin proud)
the beatdown - gone for good (walkin proud)
dubmatix - it's a clash (rebel massive)
the skatalites - desert ska (walk with me)
the skatalites - lalibela (walk with me)
bevel emboss - arabic (celluloid)
bevel emboss - city of amsterdam (celluloid)
los Furios - how the mighty have fallen (never look back EP)
los furios - ska in mexico (never look back EP)
Sonny & the Sunsets - Palmreader (Antenna to the Afterworld)
nick lowe - I live on a battlefield (upstart sampler)
REM - oddfellow local 151 (document)
los straitjackets - university blvd. (upstart sampler)
the sandals - endless summer (big waves)
the chantays - pipeline (big waves)
the aqua velvets - guitar noir (big waves)
messer chups - not made in japan (crazy price)
bloodshot bill - so blue (so blue )
the falcons - renegado (rebel jukebox)
the falcons - the mexican (rebel jukebox)
troubleman - paz (babylon central)
Billie Jo Spears - Fever (Tarantino Experience)
duane eddy - rebel rouser (tarantino experience)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Air - Be a Bee

Sept 11-13 Playlist

artist - song (album)
Ennio Morricone - Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
air - be a bee (love 2)
glen campbell michelle shocked texas tornados - wichita lineman (lounge a palooza)
marlena shaw - california soul (verve remixed 4)
bob and wisdom - i believe in music (jamaica to toronto)
johnnie osbourne - african wake (jamaica to toronto)
jo jo and the fugitives - fugitive song (jamaica to toronto)
the fundamentals - gone (get alright)
the Fundamentals - la frita (get alright)
house of david gang - best I can be (reggae warrior)
jimmy cliff - reggae music (rebirth)
The Ketamines - You Can't Serve Two Masters (You Can't Serve Two Masters)
cheyenne mize - have you seen (among the grey)
grand analog - lion head (modern thunder)
jenn grant - the fighter (the beautiful wild)
dubmatix - wicked part of town (rebel massive)
neil young - twisted road (psychedelic pill)
neil young - psychedelic pill (psychedelic pill)
air - modular mix (premiers symptomes)
mariachi ghost - mariachi ghost (machete ep)
nick lowe & the impossible birds - I live on a battlefield (upstart sampler)
the halibuts - It's a wonderful halibut (upstart sampler)
los straitjackets - university blvd. (upstart sampler)
april march - some things just stick in your mind (april march & los cincos)
the B-52s - funplex (funplex)
dubxanne - walking on the moon (king size dub)
dubblestandart - marijuana dreams (king size dub ch 13)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cracker Acoustic Duo

September 4 Playlist

artist - song (album)
Ennio Morricone - Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
dubmatix - can't put us down (rebel massive)
dubmatix - black market dub (rebel massive)
house of david gang - imaginary woman (reggae warrior)
the Skatalites - hot flash (walk with me)
los furios - ska in mexico (never look back EP)
whiskey chief - dyno egg (ST)
cheyenne mize - among the grey (among the grey)
the falcons - cruel sea (rebel jukebox)
the falcons - half nelson (rebel jukebox)
homeshake - haters (the homeshake tape)
lindi ortega - high (cigarettes & truckstops)
prairie cat - got nothin' (got nothin' ep)
bevel emboss - rumba nova (celluloid)
bevel emboss - arabic (celluloid)
the budos band - ghostwalk (daptone gold)
april march - voodoo doll (chick habit)
the budos band - budos rising (daptone gold)
pokey lafarge - bowlegged woman (ST)
sharon jones - I learned the hard way (l learned the hard way)
bill cosby & quincy jones - hikky burr (the new mixes)
cobra killer - LA shaker (76/77)
the tubuloids - walk don't run (surf fukushima)
cracker - dr. berniece (cracker)
messer chups - wunderkind city (miss libido)
jojo and the fugitives - chips chicken banana split (jamaica to toronto)