Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Smokaholics - Puff and Pass

Another nouveau classic from today's show

Afternoon Delight!

Some fine Vintage Cheese played on today's show.

Jan 25 Playlist

Artist, Title, Song

ennio morricone, best of, good bad and ugly
REM, green, orange crush
bill withers, starsky & hutch ST, use me
messer chups, crazy price, fantomasophobia
elizabeth, hazards horrors & liabilities, death of plato
raespoon, I cant keep all our secrets, crash landing
leah barley, fly away, angel girl
old mare, you deserve more, cloak and dagger
inna modja, love revolution, kinks in my hair
inna modja, love revolution, french cancan
coeur de pirate, blonde, loin d'ici
river, light up to burn out, four
the smokaholics, swell life, puff and pass
novalima, karimba, mamaye
kirby sewell band, bought myself a hammer, you've been a bad bad girl
the schomberg fair, mercy, black train
the catch fire, rumormill, younger every summer
dinner belles, west simcoe county, runnin' to ravenna
hey ocean, big blue wave, big blue wave
starland vocal band, starsky and hutch ST, afternoon delight
ursula 1000, mondo beyondo, mondo beyondo
REM, dead letter office, femme fatale
rem, dead letter office, king of the road
the matta baby, eccentric soul, do the pearl, girl
ursula 1000, mondo beyondo, disco tech
brazilian groove band, brazilian beat, bananeira
pooran, rangarang, ey vallah
thievery corporation, radio retaliation, la femme parallel
jean mareska, pop a paris - contact, nous sommes tres bien comme ca
dj jazzy jeff & fresh prince, essential pop 1990s, summertime

st = self-titled, ST = soundtrack

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cracker Eurotrash Girl

Jan 18 Playlist

Artist, Title, Song

cracker, kerosene hat, eurotrash girl
portage & main, st, what have I done
portage & main, st, morning after
whitehorse, st, emerald isle
whitehorse, st, i'm on fire
elizabeth, hazards horrors & liabilities, death of plato
ladybug transistor, clutching stems, clutching stems
elizabeth, hazards horrors & liabilities, cassius clay
johnny wakelin, best of, muhammad ali
giraffe aftermath, sleepless nights, cops & cabs
cowboy junkies, open road, murder tonight in the trailer park
raespoon, I can't keep all our secrets, I can't keep all our secrets
schomberg fair, st, I'd raise my hand
smokaholics, welcome to vansterdam, puff and pass
easy star all stars, dub side of the moon, money
sharon jones, I learned the hard way, money
socalled, sleepover, work with what you got
REM, life's rich pageant, undearneath the bunker
Coeur de Pirate , Blonde, Adieu
little ben & the cheers, eccentric soul, never more
jerry townes, eccentric soul, you are my sunshine
neil young & the international harvesters, a treasure, southern pacific
charlotte cornfield, two horses, gananoque
bruna caram, brazilian beat, feriado pessoat
lijadu sisters, danger, amebo
grace jones , hurricane, well well well


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Perrey & Kingsley

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Paradisco

Jan 11 Playlist

Artist, Title, Song

Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
marlena shaw, verve remixed v4, california soul
thievery corporation, culture of fear, false flag dub
isabelle antena, easy does it, nothing to lose
gorillaz, demon days, feel good inc.
the new vaudeville band, winchester cathedral, winchester cathedral
perrey & kingsley, the essential perrey & kingsley, winchester cathedral
sonic avenues, television, television youth
mike tod & the buffalo lake kid, live, ain't mad at nobody
ferriswheel, un peu au nord et sans distorsion, un peu au nord et sans distorsion
the get by, let go, long time no see
san sebastian, relations, wake up
the roofhoppers, st, sleuth on a park bench
sarah jane scouten, magpie waltz, 20 dollar bill
the roofhoppers, st, roof union
Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stage Whisper, Paradisco
socalled, sleepover, springhill mine disaster
summer camp, welcome to summer camp, better off without you
edda magnason, goods, blondie
gross magic, teen jamz, teen jamz
cham-pang, st, ne mourrez pas
coeur de pirate, blonde, danse et danse
coeur de pirate, blonde, golden baby
john cale, ep: extra playful, catastrofuk
The Black Keys , El Camino, Lonely Boy
moist, temporary arrangements, me and you
giraffe aftermath, sleepless nights, this night
lemon jelly, lemon jelly:ky, the staunton lick
nancy sinatra, tarantino experience, bang bang
ladybug transistor, tarantino experience, always on the telephone

st = self-titled