Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nous Non Plus video

May 30 Playlist

Artist, Title, Song

Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
dust galaxy, st, sons of washington
pink martini, splendor in the grass, new amsterdam
dale murray, dream mountain dream, dream mountain dream
paley & francis, st, curse
apollo ghosts, landmark, i'm in love with the USA
Humans, Traps, Horizon
pow wows, nightmare soda, know her name
the deadly hearts, st, hand shake
the deadly hearts, st, come down off your space horse
fannie bloom, apprentie guerriere, je t'acheverai
cowboy junkies, the wilderness, angels in the wilderness
lucky sonne, RR one, Isn't it pretty to think so
beach house, bloom, the hours
willis earl beal, acousmatic sorcery, nepenenoyka
Willis Earl Beal, Acousmatic Sorcery, Take Me Away
part time, what would you say?, I wanna take you out
diamond rugs, st, gimme a beer
diamond rugs, st, big god
greg arcade, creature of the night, police state state of mind
prince perry, love at the end of the century, you won't say it
father john misty, fear fun, hollywood forever cemetary sings
Lower Dens, Nootropics, Stem
little ben & the cheers, eccentric soul, never more
the matta baby, eccentric soul, do the pearl, girl
violens, true, der microarc
lemonade, diver, ice water
konrad, shadow boxing, time is after
magic bullets, much ado about, common house cats
nous non plus, freudian slip, ye ye c'est l'ete
frank zappa, the best of, montana
atomic 7, gowns by edith head, the man with the golden card
gorillaz, plastic beach, welcome to the world of the plastic beach
 st = self-titled

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lower Dens video

May 23 Playlist

Artist, Title, Song
Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
cobra killer, 76/77, LA shaker
marlena shaw, verve remixed v4, california soul
ursula 1000, mondo beyondo, disko tech
chris joss, no play no work, blazing ashes
Apollo Ghosts, Landmark, American Joint
hot panda, go outside, language
Humans, Traps, De Ciel
pow wows, nightmare soda, do the splash
Atomic 7, Hillbilly Caliente, Devils Mittens
herb alpert rmx, rewhipped, green peppers
eight and a half, ST, go ego
the deadly hearts, ST, moon walk
the deadly hearts, ST, as the night ends
fanny bloom, apprentie guerriere, annie
tia brazda, cabin fever, cabin fever
cowboy junkies, the wilderness, we are the selfish ones
dale murray, dream mountain dream, dream mountain dream
lucky sonne, RR one, jeannie
ryan mcmahon, ST, big highs big lows
lower dens, nootropics, alphabet song
beach house, bloom, wild
thieves of kailua, st, waikiki serenade crystal blue
thievery corporation, it takes a thief, amerimacka
thievery corporation, radio retaliation, la femme parallel
stereolab, dots and loops, miss modular
Air, Talkie Walkie, Alpha Beta Gaga
tone loc, cool hand loc, funky westside

st = self-titled, rmx = remixed 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family of the Year Video

May 16 Playlist

Artist, Title, Song
 Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
 dick dale , pulp fiction, misirlou
 ursula 100, here comes tomorrow, mirkin the mystic
 frank sinatra, live at the sands, luck be a lady
 poor moon, illusion, illusion
 poor moon, illusion, anyplace
 The Strumbellas, My Father and the Hunter, The Sheriff
 the ramblin' ambassadors, ramble on, standoff at calf robe bridge
 the ramblin' ambassadors, ramble on, clambake
 mati zundel, amazonico gravitante, el alto de la paz
 family of the year, st, st. croix
 the pygmies, st, girl I want
 the pygmies, st, death of the party
 yppah , eighty one, blue schwinn
 cfcf, exercises, exercise 3
 Chains of Love, Strange Grey Days, He's Leaving With Me
 Chains of Love, Strange Grey Days, All The Time
 m. ward, a wasteland companion, sweetheart
 the river and the road, ST, the patron
 johnny cash, the tarantino experience take II, born to lose
 the cooper brothers, best of, the dream never dies
 cowboy junkies, the tarantino experience take II, sweet jane
 chris joss, no play no work, get cloned
 dum dum girls, only in dreams, heartbeat (take it away)
 The Shins, Port of Morrow, Simple Song
 the beach boys, endless summer, surfin USA
 REM, life's rich pageant, cuyahoga
 REM, dead letter office, femme fatale
 dj jazzy jeff & fresh prince, essential pop 1990s, summertime
 serge gainsbourg, pop a paris, l'anamour
 charlotte leslie, pop a paris, les filles c'est faite...
 screaming jay hawkins, the tarantino experience, I put a spell on you
st = self-titled 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Shins video

May 2 Playlist

Artist, Title, Song
Ennio Morricone, Best of, Good Bad Ugly
ursula 1000, here comes tomorrow, two tone rocka
gotan project, tango 3.0, la gloria
gotan project, tango 3.0, mil millones
the river and the road, ST, the patron
young empires, wake all my youth, rain of gold
the pygmies, ST, because you're mine
the pygmies, ST, don't care about you
old time machine, old time machine, sun burns out
cfcf, exercises, exercise 2
hot sweet noise, ST, we are the new black
the bitterweed draw, heart of the old west, cornmash
the bitterweed draw, heart of the old west, hell song
tim fite, ain't ain't ain't, bunnies
peggy sue, plays the songs of scorpio rising, my boyfriend's back
m. ward, a wasteland companion, clean slate
yppah , eighty one, blue schwinn
the shins, port of morrow, it's only life
fungi girls, some easy magic, some easy magic
maniac, records, pride of lions
poor moon, illusion EP, anyplace
poor moon, illusion EP, people in her mind
family of the year, st. croix, 6 am
mati zundel, amazonico gravitante, por el pueblo
atomic 7, gowns by edith head, swingers ear
roberta kelly, funky frauleins V1, sunburst
lill lindfors, funky frauleins V2, harper valley
the incredible bongo band, bongo rock, inna gadda da vida
freddy king, R&B hipshakers V1, texas oil

st = self-titled