Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mar. 19 Playlist

artist - song (album)
Ennio Morricone - Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
cowboy junkies - secret spy decoder ring (the kenndy suite)
blackie & rodeo kings - north (south)
Bette Graham - I Wanna Go Back (Sensational Bette Graham)
bette graham - fool on the hill (sensational bette graham)
soft serve - words (skin deep ep)
the haiduks - diamond drops (1968)
The Belle Comedians - Rosy (Charlotte)
Corey Isenor - Liquor & Love (Hollowbody)
josh martinez - devil's bargain (blotto)
Dum Dum Girls - Cult of Love (Too True)
dum dum girls - evil blooms (too true)
peggy suee - substitute (choir of echoes)
warpaint - keep it healthy (ST)
the autumn defence - this thing that I've found (fifth)
the higher state - need to shine (st)
the higher state - jagged words (st)
jody glenham - between you and me (dreamer)
the nautical miles - be embraced ye millions (ode to joy)
Eden Fine Day - Brian (Lucky) (Things Get Better)
christopher ford - steady at the wheel (heroes and heathens)
The Heavyweights Brass Band - Booze Hounds (Brasstronomical)
matt anderson - I lost my way (weightless)
tigerwing x barnaby bennett - aubade (xela)
livingston - takin' off my glasses tonight (artificially intelligent folk songs of canada)
elaquent - alone at last (green apples & oranges)
archery guild - savage youth (manitok)
rel mccoy - golden (golden)
the skinny - keep turning blue (the skinny pill)
Speedy Ortiz - American Horror (Real Hair)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - the birdman (jet sound inc.)
bevel emboss - arabic (celluloid)

ST = self-titled