Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov. 6 Playlist

artist - song (album)
Ennio Morricone - Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
Calexico - Algiers (Algiers)
the skatalites - desert ska (walk with me)
house of david gang - best I can be (reggae warrior)
house of david gang - toronto, ontario (reggae warrior)
skatalites - lalibela (walk with me)
andria simone - good lovin' (good lovin')
BA Johnston - as I am in tim hortons... (mission accomplished)
BA Johnston - GST cheque (mission accomplished)
daniel romano - middle child (come cry with me)
pokey lafarge - central time (ST)
bloodshot bill - so blue (so blue )
greg arcade - hunnybee (ready to go)
georgiana starlington - hard grave (paper moon)
the falcons - renegado (rebel jukebox)
the falcons - the mexican (rebel jukebox)
the grapes of wrath - mexico (high road)
the grapes of wrath - good to see you (high road)
whiskey chief - conquistador (love you miss you)
dubmatix - black market dub (rebel massive)
dubmatix - wicked part of town (rebel massive)
dubblestandart - black cinderella dub (king size dub)
bevel emboss - after happenings (celluloid)
bernard estardy - bachannales estardienne (cosmic future groove V2)
jean pierre decert & myriam chadcar - like the wind you are (cosmic future groove V2)
glen campbell michelle shocked texas tornados - wichita lineman (lounge-a-palooza)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - the birdman (jet sound inc.)
fuad & the feztones - cairo twist (beeramid)
fuad & the feztones - camel walk (beeramid)
nightmares on wax - mission venice (smokers delight)
tape five - cancun (bossa for a coup)
sonny and the sunsets - planet of women (tomorrow is alright)
the pursuit of happiness - she's so young (love junk)
thievery corporation - web of deception (culture of fear)
st = self-titled

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