Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9 Playlist

artist - song (album)
Ennio Morricone - Good Bad Ugly (Best of)
bevel emboss - arabic (celluloid)
bevel emboss - tarantula (celluloid)
davie allen & the arrows - cody's theme (cycle-delic sounds of)
the budos band - ghostwalk (dap-tone gold)
the budos band - up from the south (dap-tone gold)
calibro 35 - calling all units to broccolino (ritornano quelli di)
the tubuloids - misirlou (surf fukushima)
the tubuloids - tequila (surf fukushima)
carolyn mark - queen of vancouver island (queen of vancouver island)
neko case - bracing for sunday (the worse things get...)
The Fugitives - Bigger Than Luck (Bigger Than Luck)
dubmatix - black market dub (rebel massive)
dubmatix - wicked part of town (rebel massive)
the skatalites - walk with me (walk with me)
wanda jackson - rum and coca cola (the party ain't over)
wanda jackson - thunder on the mountain (the party ain't over)
Whitehorse - Devil's Got a Gun (The Fate of the World Depends On This Kiss)
georgiana starlington - hard grave (paper moon)
phantom 309 - tsunami (3000 crooked miles to Honolulu)
phantom 309 - indian summer (3000 crooked miles to honolulu)
pokey lafarge - city summer blues (st)
whiskey chief - bad little run (love you miss you)
grand analog - lion head (modern thunder)
october gold - bridge of the sun (bridge of the sun)
the ketamines - everybody gets down (you can't serve two masters)
the breeders - drivin' on (pod)
los straitjackets - university blvd. (upstart sampler)
dubblestandart - black cinderella (king size dub)
shed - tiki gods (screen life)
smokers delight - mission venice (nightmares on wax)

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